Healthcare Providers

 Meditation Experiences


This meditation has truly changed my life and how I live. I used to read a lot of self help books, listened to meditation apps and motivational speakers. I knew I had to change my mind, but I didn’t know how to fundamentally do so.

Once I started this meditation, it was so clear how I could fundamentally change my negative mind to a naturally positive mind. I wasted a lot of time researching for answers. After beginning this meditation, the answers to life were all revealed, within me. I now know how to live, and how to help others. I can stay calm. I do not get hung up in my mind with difficult situations, and with wisdom I can problem solve quicker. I feel more alive than ever before, and have energy after my work days. People at work have told me that I never stop smiling! I can now say that I am truly happy. I can now get work done quicker because my mind is not busy. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing meditation method that can be so easily used throughout the day. Life is so much easier with meditation.

Lauren / Nurse




Life was monotonous without meaning or purpose as I saw patients daily before starting this meditation. But as I began meditating, I found the answers to my questions about life:

where people come from, where do they go, why are we here. And suddenly my life changed.

Now, seeing patients is fun and my patients have noted that I am brighter and happier!

I am grateful for everything and I am truly living in heaven treating my patients every day!

Thank you for this life changing method!

Jina Kim/  M.D. Family Medicine




As a nursing professor, I was always stressed due to high demands of the job.

I also was dealing with many family issues and was feeling very overwhelmed.

One day, I was handed a meditation brochure. I was very interested in starting a meditation program to manage my stress, so I called immediately. The meditation method is amazing! It defines what human mind is and how to clean the mind!!

As I started to meditate, I was feeling lighter and lighter. When I was done with the first level of this meditation, I felt like I was flying! So I said to myself, “if I felt this good after finishing just one level, how would I feel if I finished all 7 levels and achieve human completion?”

Since then, I never looked back and continued to meditate. I have brought my family members to this meditation and they are also very happily meditating. I am very grateful to have found this meditation which transformed me and my family.

Boas Yu / Nursing Professor



I was always a positive person who lived life to its fullest and had plenty of friends, wonderful family, a profession I thoroughly enjoy and a vibrant social life.  Yet, the question for a deeper meaning of life lurked constantly.  When two friends of mine passed away from cancer within the same year, both leaving 2 young children behind,  this quest for truth became eminent.  I never thought it would be possible for an average person like me.  But the helpers this meditation who are the most incredible, nonjudgmental, loving, supportive, dedicated, human beings you will ever meet helped me find my answers and it is life altering!  Every day of my life is fuller and happier!  Everyone around me, my friends, family, coworkers and especially my children have noticed and benefited from my meditation. Imagine how incredible it will be if you can eliminate all judgmental thoughts and just feel the love and vibrancy for everything in your path including yourself.  Please try this amazing meditation method earnestly and you will feel it too.  It will be the greatest gift you will give yourself and the world at the same time.

I always felt that I am incredibly lucky to be in a profession I absolutely love.  I am a Foot and Ankle specialist who treats patients of all ages. Healthcare professionals in general love helping and healing. But lately, they have been burdened by many professional logistical issues such as billing for services, keeping up with new information, accommodating a constant flow of new rules and regulations, having to be technologically updated and being cautious of patients that could sue them.  Needless to say, this creates much stress on a daily basis. I was on that boat before I started this Meditation. I see many different kinds of patients on a daily basis and get to hear many of their agonies and problems related and unrelated to their physical ailment.  This also can create stress for most in my profession.  Recent studies unfortunately revealed that doctors have the highest suicide rates of any other profession. Hence stress relief practices and mindfulness classes are recommended to us and I have indulged in many of them which are definitely helpful.  However, I can say with complete conviction that this Meditation is the method that has truly helped me by changing my perspective from the core and has given me the tools to simply cruise through my work and patients without ever feeling an ounce of burden.  This might sound almost unreal for many.  But, my experience has been even greater than that. It has helped me loose my ego(and pressure) of being a “doctor” which created immense clarity while treating patients and I am able to enjoy each day of my work with intense joy.  This is a simple guided, purposeful meditation method. Guiding is done by some incredible, selfless, nonjudgmental, loving and supportive individuals I have ever met called helpers. I started to notice the benefit of this meditation right after the first session.  With many work and family demands, It was hard to find time but I just could not stay away as it was clear to me that this was the path to answer all my deeper questions.  The helpers were very understanding and let me do as little as I had time for and even that was amazingly effective.  My office staff is constantly amazed at how calm I am in dire and even unreasonable patient scenarios.  It is not something I do intentionally but it is what happens naturally after reaching level seven of this meditation method.  I truly hope this message rings a bell with everyone in the medical profession and motivates you to start and complete this path.  It is the greatest gift you will give yourself, your family and all your patients.

Sireesha Battula / Foot Doctor



I have been working as a nurse for over 10 years.

It has been very busy and stressful life.

I am running around all day and listening complaints from patients and families.

When I come home, I always exhausted and stressed.

I get depressed and suffer from insomnia thinking about my work when my days off.

After I started this meditation, my mind cleared up more. My countless thoughts in my head cleared up more.

I used to worry about my future and money constantly. Now I can focus at work. I felt reduced my anxiety and stress level. I am more relaxed and smiled more at work.  I feel that my life cannot be changed unless I change myself.

this meditation helped me see through my life how I have been living and guided my life to improve for better. I strongly recommend to nurses and anybody for managing daily life stress and improve the quality of the life. Thumbs up!!!

Betty Kim / Registered Nurse